specialist in organic agriculture for nearly 50 years


To respect mankind
and nature

A long-standing partner to both organic livestock producers and organic arable farmers in north western France, UFAB provides advice and local technical support. Our team of organic specialists creates an enterprising spirit to serve modern agriculture, whilst respecting mankind and nature.

  • A team that is 100% organic
  • Providing support for 2000 farmers
  • More than 100,000 tons of organic feeds commercialised
  • 13,500 t of organic cereals, oilseeds and protein crops collected
parcours de poules pondeuses biologiques

Our activities

Organic agriculture

At UFAB, we understand that in order to produce livestock organically, it is necessary to have as much knowledge of agronomy as it is of livestock husbandry. This is why our technical representatives keep an eye on the balance of soils – plants – livestock on a daily basis.

Organic food

The consumption of organic food is a trend with a solid base. Thanks to its network of farmers, UFAB is trying to meet this growing demand and at the same time answer our citizens’ concerns.
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