légumineuses extrudées
Alternative crops

French organic leguminous crops

The demand for vegetable proteins for human consumption is growing rapidly. In order to meet this consumer demand, UFAB has developed a range of functional flours and extruded ingredients that are 100% organic, 100% French and that have come from its network of French farmers


Functional plant alternatives, innovative and vegetarian

UFAB’S organic meals, complete or concentrated present a balanced nutritional profile of proteins/starches/fibre. The pulse crops have low fat contents and are rich with nutrients. As a replacement for meat they contribute by providing iron and vitamins. Associated with organic cereals they complement the essential amino acids provided.

Clear labelling:

100% natural
Preservative free, additive free, no chemical application
Clean label
Flour from…
Protein from…
Starch from…
Suitable for vegans and uncooked foods
Naturally gluten-free
GMO free
Our range of functional organic flours
Our range of extruded organic ingredients
Processing that respects the raw materials

The pea and bean flour is processed in France by using a mechanical procedure without the use of heat, solvents or enzymes. This is why our ingredients are 100% natural.


Local traceable origins

Peas (Pisum sativum) and beans (Vicia faba) are harvested in different regions of France. In order to have greater control over deliveries, we are developing our own organic crops.

UFAB Ingredients will soon be increasing its range of food ingredients to other leguminous crops: chickpeas, red and white beans, mungo and cowpea (blackeye) beans…

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