You are looking for an interesting possibility to add value to your organic cereals, oilseeds and protein crops ? UFAB is offering you the opportunity to take up contracts for the area that you farm organically or the area that is in the second year of C2 conversion, as from planting, in order to guarantee your outlets. Storage farmers also benefit from the best prices to sell their cereals anywhere in France.


The principle organic cereal, oil seed and protein crops collected.


To used for human consumption

UFAB only collects pure species that are certified as being organic.

  • Milling wheat
  • Oilseed rape
  • Breakfast oats
  • Sarrasin
  • Yellow peas
  • Fava beans
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To be used for livestock nutrition

UFAB collects species cultivated in pure or binary mixture, certified organic or C2.

  • Cereals: feed wheat, triticale, barley, oats
  • Protein crops: forage peas, protein peas, beans
  • Maize

Several options for delivery

Are you a storage farmer?

We are specialized in organic raw materials trading throughout France. We bring value to your crops all year round.

  • If you are able to store your cereals and protein-rich oilseeds and make sure they meet current regulations, we can then buy them at the best price and deliver them to our partner millers, oil-makers, food manufacturers or breeders.
  • If you are not equipped for cleaning your harvested produce, but can ensure good-quality storage for at least 1 month, we can then collect it and sell it through our network of partners. This also applies to mixed cereal products.

Are you based in the West of France and looking for a partner during the harvesting period?

During the summer harvest period, a special organic collection team is at your disposal 7 days a week. Depending on your location you can deliver directly to one of our silos situated at Bourseul (22) and Châteaubourg (35), or one of our collection sites, at Ploëzal (22) and Craon (53).

  • Fermer la fenêtre industrial site
    Organic food factory
    Rue de la Gaudinière, 35000 Noyal sur Vilaine
  • Fermer la fenêtre Industrial collection site
    Collection depot, oil extraction and concentration of organic proteins
    Chemin du Verger, 53400 Craon
  • Fermer la fenêtre Harvest reception site
    Silo for the reception of organic crops
    Z.A. de la Basse-Haye, 35220 Châteaubourg
  • Fermer la fenêtre Harvest reception site
    Silo for the reception of organic crops
    Le Bourg, 22130 Bourseul
  • Fermer la fenêtre Harvest reception site
    Center for the reception of organic crops
    5 Zone Artisanale, 22260 Ploëzal

You can also benefit from logistics using bulk tipper lorries as well as multi-hopper units in the departments of Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine.

A final alternative of interest: you stock your harvest on a concrete pad on your farm and UFAB will come to collect it less than 14 days later. This will enable you to continue your harvest as soon as the weather is favourable whilst being more independent where transport is concerned.

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A new collection site at Châteaubourg since 2019

Unique in Brittany, the Châteaubourg silo been in service since July 2019 in order to increase UFAB’s storage capaciy to meet the growth of the organic farming sector in Brittany and also to improve the supply to the feed mill at Noyal-Sur-Vilaine. It has been designed to optimise reception and management of the cereal, oilseed and protein crops harvested, whilst complying with all the legislation concerning hygiene and safety : automatic sampling and rapid analysis, temperature checks, cleaning, grading, drying… With a tower that is 42m tall and 20 different bins, it is capable of stocking up to 15,000 m³, or 11,000t of raw materials.


Key figures

10 600


of cereal, oilseed and protein crops collected


delivering in the North West of France

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