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Organic seed, supplements and fertilisers

The choice of variety and species, as well as the amounts of fertiliser applied are two important stages for successful organic arable crops and grassland. It is for this reason that UFAB and the group Le Gouessant has selected, on the basis of varietal and fertiliser trials, a range of seeds that are suitable for your farm’s own particular conditions and existing outlets, and also supplements and fertilisers that are efficient.


Annual crop trials to provide you with better advice

Each year trials for the different species using organic seeds are carried out, and even those that are still numbered. Numerous trials are also carried out concerning fertilisers, particularly those that are based on innovative products. They are carried out in open field conditions on partner farms. The technicians are able to give you precise advice concerning varietal choice and crop nutrition based on the results of these trials.

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Organic seeds

In organic farming, alternating between species is primordial for optimal rotation management. Disease resistance, yields, quality… numerous criteria that need to be taken into account when choosing varieties.

The seeds offered are selected for their ability to adapt to the conditions in organic agriculture. With a choice of more than 150 varieties, the range enables each individual farmer’s requirements to be met.

  • Grassland mixes formulated by UFAB for different uses, (grazing, mowing) and durations 1, 3, 4 or 5 years.
  • Nitrogen fixing forage crops: Clover, lucerne…
  • Grassland forage crops: ryegrass, cocksfoot, fescues, brome, Timothy
  • Cereal crops: wheat, triticale, barley, oats, rye, spelt
  • Protein crops: peas, beans, lupins, vetches…
  • Maize, sorghum, beet and sarrasin
  • UFAB green manure and cover crop mixtures, or pure seeds

Organic fertilisers and soil conditioners

Crops intended for human consumption

Guarantee your outlets by taking out contracts from planting onwards with UFAB for your organic area: milling wheat, oilseed rape, breakfast oats, malting barley and sarrasin

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Add value to your crops with animal nutrition

Add value to your forage crops that are certified organic or C2, with UFAB, which collects cereals (feed wheat, triticale, barley, oats), protein crops (forage peas, protein peas, beans) and maize for the preparation of livestock rations.

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Technical support

Support from planting to harvesting: rotations, choice of species, varietal selection…

Organic collection

Guaranteed outlets for human consumption and animal nutrition in north-western France

Organic conversion

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