Technical support

In order to optimise the growth of your organic crops it is necessary to consider the production regimes carefully and to get advice based on your farm: rotations, choice of species, varietal selection… Equally we keep you regularly updated with any evolution in techniques or legislation concerning organic agriculture.


Support from planting to harvesting

Agriculteur bio et conseiller technicien

Advice for growing crops

The advisors to write your disposition for any practical questions concerning organic crops: sowing dates, fertiliser requirements, quantity of seed/ha… A field visit enables advice to be tailored as closely as possible to suit your farm’s own soil – climate situation and your production aims

fourrage bio

Advice for forage production

For livestock producers who are looking to become self-sufficient in forage production, animal nutrition is a major challenge.

The technicians have got specialist tools for helping them: planning cropping, analysis of forage and other raw materials present on the farm, ration calculation, a forage audit…

service de triage des céréales bio

A grain cleaning service for your farm

We offer a cleaning service for your organic cereals and protein crops. Basically the aim is to remove any impurities that have been harvested. In the case of dual mixed crops the aim is to clean and separate the two species. The operation is carried out on your farm according to your requirements, which enables you to simplify the organisation of the task. The rotary grain cleaner is certified for organic agriculture and is used exclusively for the separation of organic crops.

Key figures

2 000


work with UFAB
10 500


of organic cereals, oilseeds and protein crops collected

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Seeds and supplements

A full range of organic seeds, supplements and fertiliser is available

Organic collection

We have assured outlets for human food and animal nutrition in the North West of France

Conversion to organic farming

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