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The nutritional requirements for dairy or suckler cattle are dependant on their physiological stage and the season. UFAB provides all the support necessary for the creation of a feeding plan for your animals that complies with the Organic Agriculture standards: the use of home produced forage, ration development… The aim: to ensure their well-being whilst optimising your performance.



Key challenges

In organic farming, feeding dairy or beef cattle relies heavily on the forage grown on the farm or close by. Attached to the group Le Gouessant, we provide support to farmers who are growing and using grass, forage crops, and cereals. After analysis of the quality of the nutritional resources on the farm, we propose balanced rations, thanks to our professional programmes for ration creation.

Guaranteeing the traceability of raw materials is also one of our major préoccupations: all the raw materials received and used by UFAB are thoroughly checked.

Innovations and products

Guarantee heifer growth

In order to prepare heifers for their future career as milking cows, UFAB has a complete range of feeds that are boosted with vitamins and trace elements in order to complement the forage ration:

  • From 2 to 5 mois : Bovi Star (in wet meal form, rich in whole maize grains) or, Babygeniss
  • From 5 months to 2 years : Geni Secu (30% maize minimum) or Genicroissance
Maintain milk production

Our feeds for milk production contain different types of starches and are complements for rations that are already balanced.

Our energy feeds that are rich in starch are an ideal complement for rations with a high level of protein.

Our urea correctors provide diversification and improved efficiency of proteins, whilst ensuring good intestinal digestion.



For the end of the drying off period

Bovi Tari has been specially developed for the last month of drying off in dairy cows. This feed has all the nutrients necessary for this period: energy, urea, and also the vitamins and trace elements that will have an impact on colostrum quality. As a result it prepares the animal for the first weeks of production.

In the event of a forage shortage on the farm

We offer a feed that can be an integral substitution for forage: Bovi Forage

A range especially for beef breeds

In suckler herds, UFAB offers a starter feed for calves of 2 to 6 months, and a fattening feed for bull beef.


Feed supplements


The formulation of our minerals is based on rations currently fed in organic herds (maize or grass silage and/or forage crops), in order to provide the correct dose of vitamins and trace elements without excess or deficiencies. Our feed supplement is based on live yeasts, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, in order to stabilise the rumen pH, and improve forage digestibility which will increase nutrient intake. A supplement of magnesium and bicarbonate can also be considered in order to manage the risk of acidosis and stress.

Key figures

7 %

the proportion of organic dairy cows in France
100 %

of organic cows graze grass
15 %

of milk sold in France is organic

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