You are a breeder and/or grower with an organic pig herd ? UFAB offers a range of complete and complementary feeds for each physiological growth stage: piglets, fattening pigs and in-pig or suckling sows.

Key challenges

In organic pig herds, the feed rations rely on a fine balance between energy sources, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Several parameters need to be taken into account when they are being developed: animal growth stages, the producer’s production aims, the raw materials that are available on the farm or not…

Equally, high quality ingredients and food safety are major concerns.

Innovations and products

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Maintaining prolificacy and milk levels in sows

The feeds given to in-pig sows or suckling sows has a large impact on their health level, but also to that of their litters. It is essential to balance the feed given, carefully, in order to avoid losses at farrowing and to maintain piglet vitality throughout an optimal lactation for the mother. Throughout the gestation period, a feed for in-pig sows may be given with a feed level of 3 to 4 kg per head per day, depending on their size and their condition… The feed for lactating sows will enable their requirements linked to milk production to be met.

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Maintaining piglet growth rates after weaning

As successfully weaning piglets is decisive, UFAB has developed a special feed in order to ease the dietary transition during this period. Presented in the form of long thin granules this starter feed is made up using highly digestible organic cooked cereals and milk products in order to optimise digestion and provide all the nutrients required for growth. Once the digestive system has been prepared, the second stage grower pellets can then take over. They cover the requirements from weaning to 25 kg live weight.

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Optimising bacon pig fattening

A bacon pig will take in a large quantity of feed per day throughout the fattening period. The energy value and the nutritional quality of the ration are essential in order to optimise growth rates. The UFAB range is made up of a “pig growth” feed which will take bacon pigs from 25 kg to 60 kg live weight and a “pig finishing” feed which is given towards the end of the fattening period from 60 kg to slaughter.

Supplements for home produced feeds

Our nutritionists develop special rations for producers using homegrown feeds, with suitable supplements that enable the animal’s dietary requirements to be met. They take the following into account:

  • Analysis of the nutritional value of the home grown ingredients
  • The quantities that are available on the farm
  • The producers aims for their incorporation

Key figures



The organic piglet weaning age
27 %

The increase in the number of organic sows in France between 2018 and 2019
1 %

The number of French pigs raised organically

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