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Home-grown forage is the main feed used in organic sheep (sheep, ewes and lambs) and goat (goats and kids) farming. To complete their rations UFAB has developed a range of feeds suitable for small ruminants.


Key challenges

Sheep and goat farmers need to carefully consider which forage species they plant in order to provide enough quality feed for their livestock. UFAB and Le Gouessant’s technicians are able to help them make this important choice.

A supplement, particularly of minerals and vitamins, is generally necessary to ensure that the animals’ nutritional requirements, dependent on their physiological stage (starting, lactation…), are met.

Innovations and products

A special program for developing small ruminant rations

Our program has been specially adapted in order to calculate the organic feed rations for sheep and goats. It takes the nutritional values of the farms forage into account, and it enables supplements of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals to be adapted.



The improvement of cheese yields from milk

Within the framework of a ration that is already balanced, we are able to add a feed that is rich in fats and that has a guaranteed level of cellulose for highly productive goats. This feed improves milk quality, resulting in better cheeses.

distribution de fourrage aux moutons
In the event of a forage shortage for goats

If you are short of forage for feeding your goats, organic dehydrated lucerne is ideal. It is also easy to introduce into rations that are deficient in protein.

Key figures

1 100

The number of organic goat herds in France
10 %

The proportion of organic goats in France
2 516

The number of organic sheep (milk and meat) farms in France

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