Suivi des cultures de blé noir biologique
Food for human consumption

Organic raw materials

The area used for organic farming is increasing throughout the whole of France, and now covers 8.5% of the French agricultural surface area. A major player in the organic market for 50 years UFAB is able to satisfy the requirements of food processors with its full range of organic raw materials that are intended for human consumption.


You said organic and local?

You are a miller, vegetable oil producer, brewer, manufacturer of organic breakfast cereals producing organic products? Thanks to its network of  farmers and up-to-date equipment for compliance with standards and grain storage, UFAB, a major player in the markets, is capable of being competitive in the supply of organic raw materials.

Locally produced
Brittany and the neighbouring departments
Cleanliness and grading of grain
Long conservation period
Guaranteed free of insect pests, of moulds…

Organic cereals, oilseeds and protein crops for human consumption

blé meunier bio

Organic milling wheat

Intended for mills in the North West quarter of France for bread making

colza bio

Organic oilseed rape

Used for the production of oil for human consumption, and rape meal for animals

orge brassicole

Organic malting barley

Intended for brewers and micro breweries in France

avoine petit déjeuner

Organic breakfast oats

Used for the manufacture of oat flakes

sarrasin bio

Organic sarrasin/black wheat

Intended for local mills and used in the manufacture of pancakes and waffles

Key figures

10 500


Organic cereals, oilseeds and protein crops collected

Farmer suppliers

Focus on

A new collection site that is unique in Brittany

Unique in Brittany, the Châteaubourg silo been in service since July 2019 in order to increase UFAB’s storage capaciy to meet the growth of the organic farming sector in Brittany and to diversify the outlets offered to the 200 organic farmer suppliers: sarrasin, milling wheat, malting barley, flaking oats, oilseed rape… It has been completely modernised to ensure optimal reception and management of the cereal, oilseed and protein crops harvested, whilst complying with all the legislation concerning hygiene and safety: automatic sampling and rapid analysis, temperature checks, cleaning, grading, drying… With a tower that is 42m tall and 20 different bins, it is capable of stocking up 5,000t of raw materials.

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