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Organic crop production

You are a farmer who is in the process of converting to organic farming or you have already received certification ? Your profession requires a high level of technical knowledge and anticipation. Attached to the group Le Gouessant, the Union Française d’Agriculture Biologique will help you by providing practical advice based on its know-how, and can offer you a wide range of inputs in order to optimise your performance.



Key challenges

The major challenges for organic agriculture are: the protection of water quality, maintaining soil fertility and developing biodiversity. It is essential to comply with the conditions set out for organic agriculture:

Local conditions
It is essential to choose species that are suitable for local conditions
Varietal choice
Select varieties that are disease resistant and productive
Create a good crop rotation
Use organic fertilisers that have come from the farm or other local farms
The farmer’s financial expectations must be taken into account
Our mission: to provide you with advice that is adapted to suit your requirements

Within the Group, our technical representatives are specialists in the production of crops, cereals, forage, cover crops… They have regular training in organic practices, and keep up-to-date with technical innovations in order to provide you with the best possible technical backup, for example:

  • Guidance concerning the choice of species and varieties to be planted to suit potential outlets, using our seed catalogue
  • Guidance for fertilisation tailored to suit your fields with fertiliser and supplement solutions that are certified by UFAB
  • Methods for combating weeds and mechanical weeding
  • Guidance for harvesting and marketing

Our annual crop trials, that take place our partners organic farms, centre on our suppliers’ new developments with the aim of validating their performance.

Our professions

Find out more about our principal professions within the organic plant production sector.

Our commitments

Committed to progress and innovation, UFAB provides solutions that are always more efficient, suited to your requirements for quality, food safety and sustainability. Research and development have their own significant dedicated budget.

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Our other activities

Animal nutrition

Complete rations and supplements to satisfy the requirements of your herds

Organic ingredients

Find out more about our range of organic ingredients for human consumption

Raw materials

Milling wheat, oilseed rape, malting barley, breakfast oats, sarrasin… all products from organic agriculture.
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