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Broiler chickens

Faced with the development of organic broiler chicken flocks, the demand for complete feeds and feed supplements is increasing. UFAB’s response is to have a complete range for broilers and turkeys to suit their age and growth stage.



Key challenges

In order to maintain good poultry growth, and to ensure their well-being, it is essential to provide the correct quantities of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals from the very start. A balanced feed will ensure the production of good quality organoleptic and nutritional meat.

Innovations and products

Different presentation forms encourage food consumption

Turkeys are particularly sensitive to feed presentation from the very start, which can have an effect on their food consumption. We offer several forms for this particular species, as well as for broilers, to suit the birds’ age and their ability to eat:

long thin granules/crumbs, crumbs, long thin granules, meal, pellets. A choice that is essential for ingestion and therefore optimal growth, and also to reduce wastage !


Organic feeds to suit your objectives

All the feeds offered by UFAB are made for the optimisation of poultry growth (yellow or white broilers, turkeys…) whilst maintaining the principles of organic agriculture. They can however be adapted to suit each producer, or to comply with specific standards (a minimum quantity of cereals for example, the origin of the raw materials…, the weight of the birds, and the length of the fattening cycle…)

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Seasonal feeding plans

In organic poultry production the birds go outside in the summer and the winter: the external temperatures can have an impact on their food consumption, which is why we adapt our feeds to suit the season in order to meet their physiological requirements.

Guaranteeing complete rations

We produce a range of complementary feeds that balance livestock diets for producers who want to use their home-grown produce to feed their animals.


Key figures


France is the leading organic chicken producer


Is the minimum period for fattening in organic chicken


Is the maximum size for an organic chicken building

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