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Organic livestock nutrition

You would like to meet your livestock’s feed requirements by using feeds with a high nutritional value that comply with Organic Agriculture’s conditions ? UFAB has a range of complete or supplementary rations that are suitable for each species and each livestock producer’s aims.


Key challenges

Our commitment is to ensure that livestock units perform correctly and that the animals are in good health by feeding carefully chosen cereals, oil seeds and protein crops.

porcs bio sur paille
Balanced diet

By ensuring that the nutritional requirements of the animals are met, the correct level of performance and health of the livestock unit will be guaranteed.

Rigorously selected, the organic raw materials used by UFAB are carefully dosed and mixed. Thanks to the diversity of the ingredients available, the rations are varied and appetising, therefore contributing to the herd’s welfare.

traitement thermique des aliments
Food safety

In order to guarantee that the feeds are absolutely safe, the entire range manufactured at the feed mill at Noyal-sur-Vilaine(35) is heat-treated.

poules bio sur le parcours extérieur
Certified origins

Locally produced cereals, oil seeds and protein crops are preferred for use in UFAB’s rations, particularly from producers in north-western France, and through partnerships with organic cereal stockists.

Where insufficient raw materials are available in the region, a very strict policy for verification is in place, with audits, checks and quality control.

Recipes for each species

All recipes are developed by experienced nutritionists. They know precisely the needs of each species in order to optimise their growth. The assimilation capacities of the animals are also an important factor, which is why the feeds take different forms (granules, flours, etc.).

Focus on

Our industrial equipment

The old feed mill at Noyal-sur-Vilaine (35),

After the small organic feed mill at Domalain (35), UFAB bought the site at Noyal-sur-Vilaine in 2001. Totally automated, this feed mill provides total control of the manufacturing process and traceability throughout the production chain. Faced with the development of the activity and with a desire to optimise feed quality it has been progressively modernised with cutting edge technology:

  • Purchase of a highly efficient crusher in 2011, in order to improve the meal quality
  • Installation of micro-dosing equipment in2016, in order to increase the precision of the feed additive dosages
  • Heat treatment of meals was also put into place in 2016, in order to guarantee feed safety

The manufacture of oilseed meals at Craon (53)

Built in 2010, the crushing plant for organic soya provides control over the crushed meal incorporated in UFAB’s feeds. A system for quality control is built into the production line in order to provide constant checks of the nutritional value and control of the manufacturing.

Usine d'aliments bio de Noyal sur Vilaine dosage des matières premières traitement thermique des aliments trituration des graines contrôle qualité de l'huile de tourteaux
Our commitments

At UFAB, all of our products and services are designed to meet your requirements for quality and feed safety. Each year we dedicate a significant budget to research and development in order to find new sustainable solutions for high performance organic herds.

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Complete feeds

The complete feeds manufacured by UFAB are produced in compliance with the principles of organic agriculture. Thanks to control of the supply chain, the multiple raw materials used enable tailor-made rations to be developed.

Aliment granulés porc

UFAB sells a range of minerals and licks as compliments for the ration fed to your herd: vitamins, trace elements….Minerals are essential for your animals in order to optimise their production and to keep them healthy.

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