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Conversion to organic farming

The Union Française d’Agriculture Biologique encourages the growth in organic farming, and provide support for any farmers who request it, in their conversion project. Converting to organic farming Our team of advisers, who are 100% organic, and our long-term experience of the market are our strengths in order to ensure your farm’s success


Key challenges

The dynamic of converting to organic agriculture is continuing at a rapid pace in north-western France. The number of organic farms has been multiplied by three in 10 years and now makes up 11% of the farms in the regions of Brittany, Pays-de-la-Loire and Normandy. In order to support this trend, UFAB has put a policy of continual investment into place and actively supports farmers wishing to convert the farm to organic agriculture.

Organic livestock and plant production
Check that you have enough agricultural land to feed your livestock

Crop rotations
A coherent rotation is essential to protect the soil, to boost its biological activity and its fertility
Guaranteed outlets
By following the market carefully and adapting production to suit processor and consumer requirements.

A global and personnalised outlook

Information concerning the structures and mechanisms for advice

Information concerning the grant mechanisms

Contact with outlets

Economic analysis for the conversion of land into organic cropping

Putting a rotation into place and growing advice

Support from our building an environmental Department

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A transitional period

Conversion to organic agriculture is the period of transition between conventional agriculture and organic agriculture. During this period, the producer complies with organic farming practices, but cannot sell his crops as organic.

For 2 to 3 years, this delicate period should be looked upon as being part of a learning curve. Our technicians will know how to support you in your decision making and putting your decisions into practice. Equally we will be supporting you by collecting cereals, oilseeds and protein crops that are in C2 conversion.



Thomas méar, technicien cultures UFAB

Being accompanied when you are in the middle of converting your farm to organic agriculture is essential in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible. The farming system changes, and the means as well, which can be disconcerting in the first few years. The technical and economic approach to crops and our experience of the organic sector enables the support given to be adapted to suit each stage of life on an organic farm. UFAB offers numerous outlets for the crops, whether they are for human or animal consumption, as well as the technical support in order to optimise the rotations, and therefore consolidate the cropping part of the farm business.

Thomas Méar
UFAB technical advisor, responsible for conversion studies

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